The structure of tests and exams

The structure of the control work is built according to the plan:

The title is the theme of the work.

  • Table of Contents – a list of main sections with pages.
  • Introduction – the studied problem, its relevance, the methods used, the goals and objectives of the work.
  • The main part is the test itself (the answer to theoretical questions, problem solving, tables, diagrams, drawings).
  • Conclusion – summing up, assessment of the implementation of the goals set in the introduction, analysis of acquired skills.
  • List of sources used – books and articles that were used in the work.

Applications – everything that was not included in the main part (drawings, graphs, glossary, examples, etc.)

Be sure to test should contain only the main part, all other items are added depending on the specific requirements for registration.

Registration of control work

For classroom work – enough leaflet with answers or decisions written by hand. Home tests that are required to be performed in a notebook practically require no special design.

More difficult to arrange work in print form and drawings. Before you send the finished file to print, you must carefully study the requirements for registration. Otherwise, there is a high probability of returning for revision or getting a low estimate, because some teachers require exact following all instructions. Read more about the check out here.

Causes of problems with the test

The content of plagiarism. Do not mindlessly copy the finished essays and coursework.

50% of borrowed text. Information should be analyzed and revised, not copied from the source.

Lack of some parts of the work.

No references to used sources.

Incorrect design or violation of the requirements for the title.

Secrets of the right decision

Compliance with all the requirements and wishes of the teacher.

Use of abstract and recommended literature.

Search for examples and analysis of information.

Consultations with the teacher.

Examination is almost always performed in several ways, so a search for completed work rarely gives results. If time is running out or the task turned out to be too difficult – it is better to order work from professionals. Only be sure to then examine the solution. And most importantly – any test work helps you improve your qualifications.