Writing A Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

Tips on Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Writing your dissertation dissertation proposal is usually a lot of work, even for a professional. At one point or the other, you will be needed to create a dissertation proposal. A dissertation proposal is essentially what is known as the skeleton of the dissertation. It describes the main points you want to discuss, the existing research and resources used, and the methodology that you will use to conduct the study. 

Before you do anything else, it is essential to do a detailed study of how to write a dissertation proposal. Writing such a document is time-consuming, involving a lot of information gathering, and very dependent on your area of study. That being said, with this guide, you will be able to create a top-notch dissertation proposal within the shortest possible time possible.  

Topic of discussion

This is the first thing to do when creating a dissertation proposal. It is always recommended to have a topic of discussion that will be deeply explored. This will be the first thing your professor will see when reading through your dissertation proposal and the most crucial part. What a topic of discussion should contain is broad enough to allow readers to get their bearings about what you intend to discuss. The exploration of the topic must be thorough as it is essential for the proposal to stand out from other dissertations that have been done before. Your topic of discussion also must be specific enough to warrant the time spent researching it.

Why are you doing the dissertation

A dissertation proposal should contain a justification for the reasons why you decided to create the dissertation and what you think it is going to accomplish. This is usually the most challenging part as it often requires you to establish your area of specialization as well as what you intend to study. In case you went for a master’s, PhD, or postgraduate research, then the justification should also be in line with what you intend to do. You should always also discuss any impediments you might face and that which may hinder your progress towards the research.

Structure of the dissertation proposal 

While working on your dissertation proposal, it is advisable to use MLA, APA, or Chicago in your subject. Sometimes, an individual might choose to use APA writing style as long as the content is free from plagiarism and has a good flow. The standard structure for the dissertation proposal will, in most cases, contain the following:

  • Title page – The title page contains information on your name, school and dissertation number.
  • Abstract – This is an overview of your dissertation. It is not mandatory to include data in this section but it might be useful to do so as it gives a context to the research.
  • Introduction – Here, you will introduce your research topic.
  • Literature review – This is where you summarize what other researches have to say on the topic. It is also ideal for other subjects that you want to do the same topic.
  • Methodology – This section is where you describe the specific methods you will be using to conduct the study.
  • Bibliography – Lastly, you will list all the sources used in the study.

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